I don't think democracy is meant to fully satisfy you

democracy politics

One of the arguments that I see often about the democratic process, is that a lot of people feel that it is slow and not satisfying.

But somehow I think the democratic process is meant to be slow and non-fully-satisfying, based on the fact that I think we are different and as people with different needs, what a person might find useful might hurt someone else.

The democratic process I don’t think is done to have people satisfied 100%, as I think that would mean that someone else is satisfied 0%.

So I think if we all give up a little bit of our needs in order to coexist with others, that is the perfect society we should aim to.

And about the being slow, I also think that it’s a feature when people of different walk of life have their representation in the democratic process, of course a law has to meet those representative needs.

Just a thought after a chat with a friend who was complaining about the democratic process :o