You're going to die anyway

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I recently quit smoking, about three weeks ago I had my last cigarette. I am slowly getting out of nicotine craving, still can’t sleep properly but after a week I didn’t need to apply nicotine patches anymore and my nicotine pill consumption is almost null. It has not been an hard cut where you cut nicotine all at once, but I think advertising that approach works well for tobacco companies, because I have never met anyone that has quit with that approach, without being diagnosed anything deadly. Deadly is what pushed me to quit, I haven’t been diagnosed anything, and I am not afraid to die as far as I know, when I thought smoking killing it was not a major vector for me to quit. We’re going to die anyway, dead is one of the symptoms of being alive. What cigarettes take away from you is not life, is being alive, is the ability to wake up in the morning not feeling out of oxygen, is the ability to run without being out of oxygen, is the ability to go somewhere and not be concerned about having to smoke, the feeling that you are constantly a slave of a cigarette, that you have to plan your time around having a cigarette, I feel like I can plan my time however I want, I don’t need to think about having anything, I am free, be free too!